Monday, April 23, 2012

Empty dreams

See, I'm not leaving you guys with empty promises this time.
Haha, as if actually someone's waiting for a post from me.

Anyways, moving on. As some of you might know or notice, last year I had extensions braided onto my hair. I was so obsessed with the trend ombre-coloured hair that I had to do it. Now that my extensions are off it basically left me with 3 drastic changes; my hair is short and shapeless, my hair is EFFING thin, and last but not least, I no longer have that ombre hair look. 

Now I know you're all probably saying: go get the ombre hair back, what's the big deal, just get it already! and so on. One problem, my hair is frikkin' SHORT. I haven't seen anyone with short hair doing the ombre thing so I'm a bit scared to do it. 

But now that I think of it again, ah fuck it, why not? I've always said this and I will say it again, I'm still 19, I have a few years left till' I actually settle down with a guy and get married so I might as well try all the crazy hairstyles I've always wanted. I did pink before so I'm going to go with blue this time.


I'm going to try the last look out. Imagine my shoulder length hair with a straight-on color blocking ombre hair. How awesome would that be? 

Some pretty exciting news on our jewellery brand Rutile Twin, we have unveiled in our facebook page that we're going to open the store sometime this/next week! YAY so happy it's finally happening. We're doing everything we can to obviously make this store special to all our customers, but for now, like our facebook page and follow our tumblr: )

P.S, I will be writing/posting an entry at least every once a week, and will try to post once every 2-4 days. It will probably be my daily outfits and things that I want or sometimes just beautiful imagery so look out for some amazing-ness that will happen very very soon! 


Claudia Phankova said...
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Claudia Phankova said...

Yay looking forward to Rutile Twin! :)
And welcome back to blogging world amel!!