Thursday, June 27, 2013


Reading back to all of my silly posts here I finally realised that it is time to close this chapter of my life and start taking things for real! This blog has been with me for so many years of my life that now, I kinda feel like it's actually a diary and somehow supposed to be private.

So I'm opening up a new and improved blog soon and this time I promise you, it won't be some dodgy 12 year old diary!

In the meantime, follow my instagram at @ameliabunjamin.
And as for the new blog, open up for the real deal;)

Love you all, A

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Interview: Santo from Paper Cranes Production

I don't know whether this is obvious or not but I have always been passionate about filmmaking and all the crazy editing process of cinematography. There is something about video that just, explains and embraces more than a simple picture can. They say a picture is a thousand words but I say a video is everything. 

At the end of 2009, I discovered Paper Cranes Production from a Facebook post that one of my friends put up. I saw what they are capable of, what they believe in and what they truly portray. At that moment I just knew that one day, I will be one of those ladies in a PAPER CRANES pre-wedding videos haha. I was only 17 and somehow I seriously just want to get married to be in one of them! To me Paper Cranes is the level of amazing-ness that I will want to reach if I were a pro cinematographer, I am seriously obsessed.

I'm usually a very shy and awkward person, especially when meeting someone new. But I just had to do this interview on Paper Cranes! I need to know how they've become so big in just three years and why are they so awesome?! Fibi from Paper Cranes was kind enough to confirm my interview with the Director, Santo, and I am off to my first ever Skype interview. It was a beautiful day here in Melbourne and I think it was too in Sydney.

And this is how the interview went:

Thank you so much, Santo, for such a memorable and amazing interview. I am so inspired and so determined right now! I can't wait for your first ever Oscars: ) Hope everything goes well for you and your company in the coming years!

Amelia x