Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fur obsessed

I don't know about you guys but I am in L O V E with all things fur.
Like seriously how can you not?! 

Personally, I have no problem with people wearing both real and faux fur. To me everyone has the right to use whatever they want and if they are comfortable in wearing real fur then its up to them. PETA to me has no right to throw paint or any means of sabotage as a way of showing awareness. I know that they meant well and they want to prevent the killing of animals just for their fur but I just don't agree to the way of how they're showing that feeling.

I have both real and faux fur. I've heard people say how beautiful it is, and I've heard how they were so disgusted by the fact that its real fur. My theory is, the animals died for nothing if you don't buy them in the end they'll end up on someone elses hands anyways. I only have one real fur item, its a bag and its named Quinta. Yes I know I sound like a freak but to me that bag is everything! I've been taking care of it for a year already now and I can't say how much I love it to pieces: ) Quinta my little baby.

Currently I have 3 fur coats and 1 fur vest in my closet, all of them fake. I know that's already a lot but I am planning to expand my fur collection with unique colored ones that really stands out! And also a parka with a fur hoodie, but that is for a later purchase: p

This last green one is exceptionally beautiful. I would totally look like Kermit the frog but who fucking cares? I can rock this one out of its own fur! For my next purchase I would aim to get a blue or a green fur coat, somewhere in between like turquoise would also be perfect! 

All photos are from JAK & JIL and StreetPeeper.



.brigittamonique. said...

hahaha i love fur too!
your photos of fur are really nice :D
btw, i just followed ur blog
mind to follow back mine ? i'd be glad :))

Ordinary 90s Girl said...

i would love to see Quinta's photos! :D

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

cool post! i love furs! <3

Amelia Bunjamin said...

@Brigitta: Sure! Followed!

@Ordinary 90's Girl: DEFINITELY will one day! x

@Alexandra: Thanks! I KNOW, RIGHT?

Cliff Tuna said...

I know right! I LOVE FURS TOO! It looks so comfy and classy on. And btw my favorite piece is the grey fur jacket the model was wearing, is's gorgeous! :D

Amelia Bunjamin said...

@Cliff Tuna: Fur is super gorgeous in general I just wanna sleep on it everyday. Hahaha