Saturday, November 3, 2012

Interview: Santo from Paper Cranes Production

I don't know whether this is obvious or not but I have always been passionate about filmmaking and all the crazy editing process of cinematography. There is something about video that just, explains and embraces more than a simple picture can. They say a picture is a thousand words but I say a video is everything. 

At the end of 2009, I discovered Paper Cranes Production from a Facebook post that one of my friends put up. I saw what they are capable of, what they believe in and what they truly portray. At that moment I just knew that one day, I will be one of those ladies in a PAPER CRANES pre-wedding videos haha. I was only 17 and somehow I seriously just want to get married to be in one of them! To me Paper Cranes is the level of amazing-ness that I will want to reach if I were a pro cinematographer, I am seriously obsessed.

I'm usually a very shy and awkward person, especially when meeting someone new. But I just had to do this interview on Paper Cranes! I need to know how they've become so big in just three years and why are they so awesome?! Fibi from Paper Cranes was kind enough to confirm my interview with the Director, Santo, and I am off to my first ever Skype interview. It was a beautiful day here in Melbourne and I think it was too in Sydney.

And this is how the interview went:

Thank you so much, Santo, for such a memorable and amazing interview. I am so inspired and so determined right now! I can't wait for your first ever Oscars: ) Hope everything goes well for you and your company in the coming years!

Amelia x

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Interview: Erick from Karamel Magazine

Erick is my very good friend and he happens to own Melbourne's very own Karamel Magazine. We've known each other for about 4 years now and yet I can still remember the moment we both got introduced that day, him in his Prada shoes and Gucci sunglasses (I'm just making this up but I assure you this is what he wears most of the time). We used to sing together in a band called SixtyNine (I know, I know) and it's been very fun while it lasted hahaha.

Me and my friend Heather met Erick in Giraffe Cafe just in the CBD; while I eat my fatty cheesecake dessert and Erick with his Giraffe Cafe signature Soba noodles, we both talked about how it's like running a small business, and what it takes to be your own boss.

Here's how the interview went:

Erick, you are amazing. Never ever change! All the best to you and your company for the many years to come. 

Amelia x

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I am super busy with my final collection and everything else that's going on around. Third year Fashion is a super bitch and I'm surprised that I'm still holding on. I'm confused as to what I'm going to do after I graduate but I'm really hoping that everything will turn out amazing and beautiful. Ha ha.

I've never talked about my collection EE: Experience/Escapade before here and I think it needs to be explained in order for people to really understand the meaning behind it.

experience |ikˈspi(ə)rēəns| :
An event or occurence that leaves an impression

This collection is based on the meaning of the word 'experience' itself. I think this collection is a bit vague yet dreamy? It's about that one trip to that really beautiful holiday house in the woods, somewhere so serene it feels like you're not on earth. It's how you see all these beautiful textures in nature and how the sun plays a big part in creating it. It's about that experience. This photo easily sums up that explanation I just gave you: 
Enough with reminiscing, let's get to the fun part! 
 I've been super obsessed with transparent things like perspex, tracing paper, or simply chiffon and organza; it's just mind blowing. What's even crazier is the fact that more than half of the animals on earth is TRANSPARENT. Say what? It is so amazing as to how every little detail of their transparency is used for camouflage or as a trap. My thesis last semester was based on these very beautiful creatures and somehow I got to learn more about structure and balance in design out of all this. Strange, huh? 
This is a little something I created as an inspirational mood board for my final collection. The background is a collage of all the transparent animals and high-fashion water photography, I hope you can make sense as to what's going on with the wallpaper, haha. And of course, a little tech drawing of what I have in store this semester.


And a really dodgy photo of a toile I'm wearing. Please excuse the low-res photo.


I can't wait to finish this course and die in bed for the next 3 months, resurface with a beard and rock the fashion world!!! I'll post more pics once I get all my garments done: ) 

Wish me luck! x

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fur obsessed

I don't know about you guys but I am in L O V E with all things fur.
Like seriously how can you not?! 

Personally, I have no problem with people wearing both real and faux fur. To me everyone has the right to use whatever they want and if they are comfortable in wearing real fur then its up to them. PETA to me has no right to throw paint or any means of sabotage as a way of showing awareness. I know that they meant well and they want to prevent the killing of animals just for their fur but I just don't agree to the way of how they're showing that feeling.

I have both real and faux fur. I've heard people say how beautiful it is, and I've heard how they were so disgusted by the fact that its real fur. My theory is, the animals died for nothing if you don't buy them in the end they'll end up on someone elses hands anyways. I only have one real fur item, its a bag and its named Quinta. Yes I know I sound like a freak but to me that bag is everything! I've been taking care of it for a year already now and I can't say how much I love it to pieces: ) Quinta my little baby.

Currently I have 3 fur coats and 1 fur vest in my closet, all of them fake. I know that's already a lot but I am planning to expand my fur collection with unique colored ones that really stands out! And also a parka with a fur hoodie, but that is for a later purchase: p

This last green one is exceptionally beautiful. I would totally look like Kermit the frog but who fucking cares? I can rock this one out of its own fur! For my next purchase I would aim to get a blue or a green fur coat, somewhere in between like turquoise would also be perfect! 

All photos are from JAK & JIL and StreetPeeper.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Empty dreams

See, I'm not leaving you guys with empty promises this time.
Haha, as if actually someone's waiting for a post from me.

Anyways, moving on. As some of you might know or notice, last year I had extensions braided onto my hair. I was so obsessed with the trend ombre-coloured hair that I had to do it. Now that my extensions are off it basically left me with 3 drastic changes; my hair is short and shapeless, my hair is EFFING thin, and last but not least, I no longer have that ombre hair look. 

Now I know you're all probably saying: go get the ombre hair back, what's the big deal, just get it already! and so on. One problem, my hair is frikkin' SHORT. I haven't seen anyone with short hair doing the ombre thing so I'm a bit scared to do it. 

But now that I think of it again, ah fuck it, why not? I've always said this and I will say it again, I'm still 19, I have a few years left till' I actually settle down with a guy and get married so I might as well try all the crazy hairstyles I've always wanted. I did pink before so I'm going to go with blue this time.


I'm going to try the last look out. Imagine my shoulder length hair with a straight-on color blocking ombre hair. How awesome would that be? 

Some pretty exciting news on our jewellery brand Rutile Twin, we have unveiled in our facebook page that we're going to open the store sometime this/next week! YAY so happy it's finally happening. We're doing everything we can to obviously make this store special to all our customers, but for now, like our facebook page and follow our tumblr: )

P.S, I will be writing/posting an entry at least every once a week, and will try to post once every 2-4 days. It will probably be my daily outfits and things that I want or sometimes just beautiful imagery so look out for some amazing-ness that will happen very very soon! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dead and Alive

Hello, not interested, goodbye. 

Okay okay I'm sorry! All those false promises I've been making to upload a new blog post is pretty much a bust. Last year I've realised that there were only 11 blog posts in total. Are you seriously kidding me, Mel? Out of the 365 days you could blog, goodness gracious, only 11 days were productive. 

I don't want this post to be regret and promise and then yes all of this starts to repeat itself again so lets just get it onnnnnnn, baby!  

Me and my friend Emma have been insanely obsessed (okay, maybe that's a little bit too much) with crystal rings since last year. A year quickly passed after that initial thought of doing this, when suddenly it just sparked out of nowhere again at the start of 2012. We finally got serious and got down to business! 

Rutile twin is basically two or more crystals that forms in a repeated formation, in other words, these crystals mirror each other and form the exact same thing. Our jewellery line is all about one-of-a-kind. When you purchase one of our items, you will never see the same girl wearing the same thing, it's totally exclusive: ) You always see crystal rings and they always cost a bomb so you never buy them, ours are generally in everyone's price range, there is always something for you!

Oh wow, right? I know you're feeling all jittery and happy inside. This is just a sneak peak of what we will have in store. So seriously! Stay in tune for the launch of our website. But for now, like our facebook page and follow our tumblr!